Fitness & Karate

Ages 4 and older

For our fitness and karate program, we focus on teaching coordination and exercise, with some basic Karate skills. This class is specifically designed to accommodate all students that are ages 4 and older.

Here are some other differences between the fitness and dragon or ninja program:
  • More coordination activities
  • Intense cardio drills to help with building up their endurance
  • Emphasis on self defense Karate
Unavailable at this time

Fitness and Karate Class Structure

Students will be learning how to perform exercises properly and will work to increase their performance over time. This class will help them develop skills that will help with their other Karate classes and / or other sports programs. Sports activities will be a part of this program in an effort to help facilitate the coordination development. The class will be more of a Physical Education feel and development with the intention of making it fun for the students.