Ages 4 - 7

For our dragon program, we focus on teaching the ninja white belt curriculum at a slower pace in 45 minutes. We split the white belt curriculum into different belt levels so they can advance to dragon yellow, dragon orange, etc.

Here are some other differences between the dragon and ninja program:
  • Shorter class
  • Slower pace
  • More coordination activities
  • More breaks
  • Emphasis on learning how to stand still and focus
  • Cardio drills to help with building up their endurance
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Dragon Class Structure

Students will be given stripe once they have mastered their technique. There are 4 technique stripes—once students have been given 4 stripes, instructor will let you know when they will test for their next belt. Students will also be given behavior stripes each class if they earn those. Below shows how students can earn their stripes. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact instructors.

Behavior stripes (given each class)

  • During class, student stands still 80% of time
  • Is expected to listen to instructors
  • Is quiet during class (especially when instructors are talking)
  • Follows directions without having to be reminded more than once
  • Keeps hands to themselves
  • Avoid physical contact with other students unless instructed.